Satin Pothos Argyraeus সাটিন পোথোস আর্গিরিয়াস

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Satin Pothos Argyraeus সাটিন পোথোস আর্গিরিয়াস 

Size: 1-1.5 feet

Scientific name:  Scindapsus pictus

Commonly known: Scindapsus pictus, commonly known as satin pothos or silk pothos.

Similar to its relative, golden pothos, satin pothos is as simple to grow (Epipremnum aureum). Be careful not to overwater this house plant and keep it warm. Big, heart-shaped leaves are dark green with silvery gray splotches that give it a satin shine. It won't tolerate cold drafts or moist soil. Scindapsus pictus 'Argyraeus,' with its compact growth habit, produces a lovely hanging basket plant.

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